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Live Glam September 2018 Review


MorpheMe is a brush subscription through Live Glam. They send out 3-8 Morphe brushes monthly for $19.99 per month and you can choose to have your subscription renewed monthly, every 6 months or annually. There is free shipping if you live in the US and Worldwide shipping is $4.99. The value of the brushes always exceeds the monthly subscription price and they are good quality brushes. This subscription is an inexpensive way to build your brush kit or personal stash if you aren’t an MUA. They have a rewards program where you earn 100 points each month you are an active member as well as 50 bonus points on your birthday if you include your birth date on your profile. You can also earn rewards points by reviewing each month’s brushes individually and as a whole. A referral link is given to every subscriber after signing up that can be used to gain extra points when people use it. Points can be used to redeem prizes like Lime Crime hair tint, Morphe brushes, foundation from PUR Cosmetics, and even cash through PayPal. If you are a monthly member you can trade your next shipment for different brushes if you don’t like the brushes they selected for that month or skip a month.

If you are interested in subscribing to Live Glam please consider using my referral link at the end of this post. 

Now on to the good stuff!


Every shipment comes with an insert. The outside of the included insert talks about the theme of the month and has a 10% off discount code that subscribers can use on the purchase of Morphe products.


The inside of the insert is a breakdown of the brushes.


Morphe Y21 Flat Definer Brush


The Y21 is a flat definer brush with synthetic bristles. The flat, stiff bristles work well to apply pomade to the brows or color to the lower lash line.

Bristle Length: 1/4″

Full Brush Length: 5 1/2″

Retail Price: $4.00


Morphe Y22 Bullet Crease Brush


The Y22 is a synthetic bristle crease brush that works great for applying color on the out V of the eye, buffing out liner and creating precise lines in the crease. They also suggest it can be used to contour the nose. I love using this kind of brush to highlight my inner corners.

Bristle Length: 1/4″

Full Brush Length: 5 1/2″

Retail Price: $5.00


Morphe Y13 Pro Highlight Fan Brush


The Y13 is a highlight fan brush with synthetic bristles. Fan brushes are designed to apply highlighter lightly which allows you to have more control of how intense your highlight is. I don’t normally use fan brushes since they don’t give me the intensity I like within the time frame I want it so usually use a tapered highlight brush.

Bristle Length: 1 1/2″

Full Brush Length: 6 1/2″

Retail Price: $8.00


Morphe Y18 Tapered Blending Fluff Brush


The Y18 is a synthetic blending brush with a pinched ferrule. This brush works well for blending out color in the crease and bringing shadow onto the lid.

Bristle Length: 1/2″

Full Brush Length: 5 3/4″

Retail Price: $6.00


Morphe Y11 Deluxe Pointed Contour


The Y11 is a pointed contour brush with synthetic bristles. The bristles look pinched slightly when you look at it from the side but the ferrule doesn’t seem to be. The tapered point allows for precise placement of color in the hollows of the cheeks and around the outer parts of the face. It would also be good for highlighting if you use the tip of the brush.

Bristle Length: 1 3/8″

Full Brush Length: 6 1/2″

Retail Price: $8.00


Total value: $31.00


Stayed tuned for my next post on the September 2018 Yes Oh Yas subscription.


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Disclaimer: All of my opinions in this post are mine and are not influenced by others. Product information was researched on the websites of the Makers and used to help create this post. The prices and availability of the products I stated in this post are only accurate at the exact time this post was published and does not reflect future changes to price and availability. I researched prices and availability by looking at the Maker’s website as well as a few other sites when applicable.

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