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LiveGlam MorpheMe November 2018 Review


MorpheMe is a brush subscription through Live Glam. They send out 3-8 Morphe brushes monthly for $19.99 per month and you can choose to have your subscription renewed monthly, every 6 months or annually. There is free shipping if you live in the US and Worldwide shipping is $4.99. The value always exceeds the monthly subscription price and they are soft, good quality brushes. This subscription is an inexpensive way for MUAs to build their brush kit or even your personal stash if you aren’t an MUA. They have a rewards program where you earn 100 points each month you are an active member as well as 50 bonus points on your birthday if you include your birth date on your profile. You can also earn rewards points by reviewing each month’s brushes individually and as a whole. A referral link is given to every subscriber after signing up that can be used to gain extra points when people use it. Points can be used to redeem prizes like Lime Crime hair tint, Morphe brushes, foundation from PUR Cosmetics, and even cash through PayPal. If you are a monthly member you can trade your next shipment for different brushes if you don’t like the brushes they selected for that month or even skip a month all together.

If you are interested in subscribing to Live Glam please consider using my referral link at the end of this post. The product links in this post are non-affiliated and are provided for your convenience. 


To start off, here is the insert that came with this month’s collection. The outside tells you the monthly theme and a discount code for subscribers to use on Morphe purchases.


The inside lists off the brushes and their recommended uses.


Morphe M574 Pencil Crease Brush


The first brush is the Morphe M574 pencil crease brush which is a natural bristle brush made with goat hair. The rounded tip is ideal for smudging out lines in the crease and applying shadow to the outer V of the eye. It could also be used to smudge out liner for a softer look.

Retail Value: $5.00

Bristle Length: 1/2″

Total Brush Length: 6 3/4″


Morphe M250-0 Detail Liner Brush



The Morphe M250-0 detail liner brush is teeny tiny liner brush made with synthetic bristles. This brush is perfect for making a sharp wing with gel or cream liner since it is so tiny and has just the right amount of stiffness to give you good control. The insert also suggested using it to highlight the inner corner of the eyes.

Retail Value: $2.50

Bristle Length: 1/4″

Total Brush Length: 6 7/8″


Morphe M106 Unique Pointed Dome Brush


The Morphe M106 is a pointed dome brush made with sable bristles. The size and shape makes it a multi-purpose brush that can be used for bronzer, contour and blush. It is on the denser side so take care when using it with products that are very pigmented.

Retail Value: $5.00

Bristle Length: 1 5/8″

Total Brush Length: 7 1/2″


Morphe M457 Large Duo Fiber Dome Buffer Brush



The Morphe m457 large duo fiber dome buffer brush is made with synthetic and sable bristles. I love the way this duo fiber brush feels with the really dense base from the short sable bristles and then thins out with the long synthetic bristles. This brush is best used with powder blush for a wash of color or with face powder for an airbrushed finish.

Retail Value: $20.00

Bristle Length: 1 1/2″

Total Brush Length: 7 1/8″


The total value of November’s set is $32.50. Overall I think I will get good use from this set but my favorite brush is the detail liner brush since it is so tiny and will be great for making a sharp and precise wing. Which one is your favorite?


Stay tuned for my next post coming soon!


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Disclaimer: All of my opinions in this post are mine and are not influenced by others. Product information was researched on the websites of the Makers and used to help create this post. The prices and availability of the products I stated in this post are only accurate at the exact time this post was published and does not reflect future changes to price and availability. I researched prices and availability by looking at the Maker’s website as well as a few other sites when applicable.

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